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Price Changes - If the price on an item you bought from Carbide 3D drops within 7 days of your purchase, let us know and we’ll refund the difference.

Free / Bundled Items - If the item you bought is eligible for a free item within 7 days of your purchase, let us know and we’ll send out the additional item.

Timing- Requests for price adjustments and free items need to be made during the sale or promotion.

Distributors - The policy above only applies to purchases made directly from Carbide 3D. If items are purchased through a distributor then we cannot guarantee any pricing/bundling.

价格变动 - 如果你从硬质合金3D购买的商品价格在7天内将购买的下降,让我们知道,我们将退还差价。爱游戏app官网下载
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  1. 是安全的合适的安全设备(ESP。眼睛(安全眼镜/护目镜)和耳朵(听力保护 - 至少泡沫耳塞)),确保服装,头发和珠宝不能被抓住在机器里。如有必要,安排粉尘收集和适当的通风(如有必要,使用适合被磨物料灰尘颗粒的呼吸装置)。考虑主轴的可能性通过摩擦起动,采取适当的预防措施(具有灭火器方便,以及其他适当的预防措施)。

  2. 检查机器(所有螺栓和设置拧紧,V导轨处于良好的状态,没有缺口或其他损坏,带紧张,良好的形状,良好的条件,连续性和牢固固定,没有任何磨损或破碎,一切都清晰,一切都清晰,一切都清晰,一切都清晰,一切都清晰安全了)。螺栓向下,使用带锚夹时的导致倒置带,这使得这一点难以使用镜子在沿着其全方位的运动移动机器时检查带。注意,在碰撞或剪切颤动或过度振动的切割后检查机器尤为重要。

  3. 固定工件(右侧向上和右侧)使用适合材料的技术(参见工作)到翼型的所需方向。如果作为3D打印机操作机器,请确保打印床是水平,清洁和清除任何碎片,异物或以前的印刷品。固定工件后,确保机器仍然可以移动 - 这在游牧场上尤为重要,其中桌子上的通孔产生了太长的螺栓锁定到机器基座的可能性。

  4. 安装适当的主轴,并确保它是垂直和正方形的机器和固定固定的。

  5. 检查终端磨机 ensure that it is sharp and in good condition and not chipped (this is best done with a loupe or magnifying glass), install it per the spindle manufacturer’s directions so that it projects at least as much as the deepest intended cutting depth, check to make certain that everything is clean with no foreign material (which can cause runout or even break endmills), the collet is tight and will not work loose during operation (it needs to be more than hand-tight — the machine will take no notice or care if it works loose) and the entire assembly is in good condition and spins truly. If making a 3D print ensure filament is loaded and that the spool feeds freely and there is adequate tension to not be overwhelmed by retraction.

  6. Ensure the work area is clear and all cables, wires, etc. run without interference, and that they will not interfere with the machine motion, esp. when homing. Especially check that there is nothing beneath the rails which might interfere with the wheels.

  7. Connect the machine to the computer (power up PC, connect the USB cable, wait until the micro-controller boots up, start the comm/control program, turn on power for the machine (this may just be plugging it in (usually a light will glow on the power supply), some power supplies may have a power switch, or a switch between 110 and 220V, check, once switched on there should be a steady light on the control board which you should be able to see the glow of (other lights (homing switches, communication) will flicker on and off) — if you cannot see the glow, check the power supply and cable and so forth for switches), open the connection to the machine). If necessary, home the tool to the proper place in relation to the workpiece. (In the absence of limit switches, machine origin will be the location when Grbl powers up.)

  8. If using a Probe be certain to remove the ground clip and secure it safely outside of the machine’s working area. Ensure that nothing has been left in the work area. (Optional: Traverse the working boundary of the job as a final check.)

  9. Browse for the NC file which you have already simulated and send it to the machine, following all prompts for tool changes and starting the spindle as required and setting it to the correct speed.

  10. Monitor the machine while it operates, ensuring there is no build-up of dust, debris or fumes, and that nothing works loose, keeping clear of the work area. Do not reach into the machine’s working envelope, nor insert any object into it while the machine is operating. Once the job is complete, turn off the spindle, return the gantry to the home position, or a known offset from home (one may want to wait to turn off the spindle until it’s been homed) and ensure the end mill has stopped spinning before removing the finished piece and any waste. Store endmills carefully when not in use so as to protect the edges. Collets and accessories should be cleaned between uses — wiped off with a suitable solvent such as isopropyl alcohol.

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我发现了一个第三方的插件,升级/修改,我想添加到我的机器,是好吗? 2019-08-14T00:00:00 + 00:00 2019-08-14T00:00:00 + 00:00 https://docs.www.balawoffice.com//general-faq/third-party-add-ons




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我需要把我的机器/配件送去修理,并且不再有原来的包装。我可以换新的包装吗? 2019-08-14T00:00:00 + 00:00 2019-08-14T00:00:00 + 00:00 https://docs.www.balawoffice.com//general-faq/replacement-packaging


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